Snow Moon - text

Take off your mask.
Take off these clouds.
Nothing will bloom until you
let that light shine down.
Take off your mask.
The sky is yours tonight.
No face we'd rather see.
The time is right.

Snow moon,
looking at a brand new you.
"Hello, angel."

I'd just arrived.
You came to find me
and earned my love before I
ever knew the word.
My childhood heart
knew you would follow.
The nights are dark,
but I can always find you.

Take off your mask
and let me see you.
My oldest friend,
please let the time be right.
Take off these clouds
and let all wanderers find their way.
In all this light,
the sky is yours tonight.

Snow moon,
looking at a brand new you.
"Hello, angel."
Snow moon,
shining on a brand new me.
"Hello, angel."

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