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(Jay Muthafuckin' Splash)

[Rozz Dyliams]
Kappa God, Kappa God
Tell me why you rap so odd
Should you call me Kappa God or should you call me acid god
Acid rap
Wicked shit
Boomin' outta 4-4-O
arrogant big headed (hee hee hee hee ha ha ha ha)
Bitch I think that I'm on top
hand hurt from write on the back a' checks
Now I'm a grown ass man with the world in my hands
Ion even know what to do next
Rippin' a packa' rizla open then I roll an x
if you want it get murdered pay me up front in advance
feelin' like reggie in the full effect back in 98' and I ain't getting paid to dance (handzy)
R O Double Zag
break out into hustle dance
so many bands that my belt don't even help keep up my pants
If you know me then you know that all I do is smoke the gas
and ash it back to back until my brain is stuck inside a trance

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