The Impossible - text

Honey you do the impossible [?] you got me so
I got a feeling [?] so
[?] last summer time, since you went away
Still got your pictures on my window paint
Long nights, and the days
Still remember how we did it everyday
Tell me, tell me, have you ever
Get it underwater
And let it hit you on the stairs
The stairs, the stairs, the stairs, the stairs
Can someone tell me what's the use for the bed
When you up in the air, the air, the air
I think she's far from what I'm used to
I'm lucky, it feels like holy revival
When she suck me
Pretty lips, pretty lips, pretty lips
Oh, over me
We have champagne, champagne
We don't need a glass, we tired of being so [?]
She took the whole thang, she took the whole thang
And now I'm asking, is you straight
She said yeah [?] she had her right back [?]
She loves it, she loves it, when I stand up
[?] thang, yeah gotta say it
Now she saying
Honey you do the impossible [?] you got me so
I got a feeling [?] so
You got me so, you got me so
[?] I'm feeling yeah, I'm feeling yeah, oh [x2

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Roscoe Dashtexty

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