Forever And A Day - text

When the night has come
and the day is done
I'm always thinking of you
you are in the air
You are everywhere
in the every thing I do

If I could keep this moment in time
if I could make you forever mine
Baby I'm lost in your love
from heaven above
You came to bring me up

With you I feel I could stay
in love forever and a day

When I walk alone
through an empty home
I just can't stop thinking of you
do you feel the pain
Could it be the same
are you missing me too

I see your face when I close my eyes
I see a glimpse of your own paradise
you came from heaven above
I'm lost in your love

Free as the wind
you give me wings to fly
My girl I feel I could stay
in love forever and a day

I feel that I could stay
In love forever and a day

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