Don't go - text

If your love leaves me behind
Will I die?
Or go out of my mind?
Oh play your hand
I understand
My card is marked
And you're not showing it, show me

You point, accuse, you've nothing to prove
But you are king
I always knew I'd be falling
For you, lipstick and rouge
Lipstick my rouge
How I dress up when I greet you

Don't go
oh, oh no

Seventeen letters from you - I amused
When we were new
How can we stand, oh how can we stand
When friends come masked
Enemies lying around us

You froze, your passion ran cold
And I've no heart for gain or gold
It is the end of the world
So you, twist stick your move
Twist stick your move
What are we going to lose?

Don't go
oh, oh no

(Don't go
oh, oh no)

Don't go
oh, oh no

Don't go
oh, oh no

Don't go
oh, oh no

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