Jubilee - text

I went to the jubilee
With my friends and the family
Bought some drinks, we bought some snacks
We waved a flag and she waved right back
At the jubilee
The jubilee

Bought a mug, it cost ten pounds
We weren't allowed inside the grounds
It got me down, it spoiled my day
We saw the duke, he said go away
From the jubilee
The jubilee

We were one, we were unified
For a day full of bulldog pride
Mum cried, she felt fulfilled
Dad cried when he got the bill
For the jubilee
The jubilee
The jubilee
Made no sense to me

We all sang along with Paul
Gehe VIP`s and the have it alls
We missed our bus, we missed the tube
While we na na na'd Hey Jude
At the jubilee
The jubilee.

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