Eileen - text

Eileen, won't you lean on me?
This is no life living here without you
This is no way for me to get along yeah
Now that I know I'm no good without you
Eileen, Eileen.

Eileen, won't you lean on me, please?
How much I had baby when I had you?
I'm destitute this way yeah
I'm doing time living here without you
Eileen (Eileen, Eileen) Eileen.

Eileen, I'm coming clean yeah
I guess no substitute will do yeah
What do I do, baby, to impress you?
Now that I'm blown and thrown out the way ....

Eileen, ooh yeah (Eileen).

Eileen, you can lean on me
Baby I'm dead in a cruel world without you, yeah
Eileen, lean on me, lean on me
Eileen baby won't you lean on me?

Lean on me, lean on me ....

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