Amnesia - text

Nowhere, nowhere

Don't know who I am, forgotten my name
I got no address and who the hell's to blame
Knocked on my head, everything went blank
I didn't even know, the Titanic sank

Nowhere, nowhere

Check my past parts but it seems I've been around
But I can't remember time like baggage lost and found
Thought I met mother, she said "You don't belong to me
Behind you must be trouble, broken hearts and misery"

Nowhere, I'm talkin' nowhere


I try and jock my memory it's a futile exercise
When you amount to nowhere, ha, you don't get a prize
How can I regret, it's so easy to forget
You know everything I do, I know nothing about you

No-fucking-where (Remember)

I can't recall the past

Nowhere, nowhere

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