Revelation Big Sur - text

I can't make anything of why the brightest light faded
Or how you slept a sleepless slumber
Through the rhythm of a timeless season
You are the dark of my soul
And it's your love that I steal
And you're my cuts that won't close
This I'm certain, this I'm certain, this I'm certain

You don't see anything
Through all your worries and the worst in people
You're the builder of your own high temple
And that's the magic of your mind
You're the reason that I'm down
But you're the promise that I've found
And you're all that I've got
Who's the meanest, who's a genius, who's mine

I can't take anything from the bed you lay in wonder
From the morning come like thunder
It's the downfall of your time
You're the dark of our home
But still the hope that I feel won't let up or let go
This I'm certain, this I'm certain, this I'm certain

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