Dum Chucka Willie (Demo) - text

8x(Oom Chucka Willie)

Oom Chucka Willie from the coconut grove
He was a mean mothafucka, you could tell by his clothes
He wore a brown leather jacket and a hairy ass
And between his legs was a pound of grass
He threw a hundred women up against a wall
And he swore to God that he'd chuck 'em all
By the time he got to 99 he had to stop
Because a friction of the wall just made him POP!

On his tombstone, engraved in green
It says: "Ooma Chucka Willie was a jumping machine"

Oom Chucka Willie
Oom Chucka Willie
Oom Chucka Willie
Oom Chucka Willieeeeeeeeaaaaaaah

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