Excited - text

I met you on a Monday
But Tuesday you stole my heart
You gave me everything I ever wanted
And then turned and walked away
You just turned and walked away

I get excited (excited)
Whenever you come around
I get excited
Always building me up and never letting me down
As simple as one, two, three
I get excited
That's what you're doin'
What you're doin' to me

(That's what you're doin',
What you're doin')

Just when I thought I was over you
Soon as I was sure you were gone
I see you somewhere standin' 'cross the room
But you turn and walk away
You just turn and walk away


That's what you're doin'
That's what you're doin' to me

[Saxophone break]

(That's what you're doin',
That's what you're doin')

Now that I know the problem
The answer should be easy to find
It takes common sense to simply convince him
Not to turn and walk away
Tryin' to get that man to stay


That's what you're doin',
That's what you're doin'
Hey, way to get next to me
Way to get next to me

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