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[Woman:] Passport please
[Raekwon:] Figaro platinum shit, man
[Woman:] Where are you traveling today? It seems you've run out of space on your passport. There's no place to stamp
[Raekwon:] I'm a soul train, catch me on more clear jets, nigga
[Woman:] Sir
[Raekwon:] Versace shower sprinklers, nigga
[Woman:] Excuse me, Mister Chef
[Raekwon:] Suede walls, Bally sneakers from '86
[Woman:] Chef can you hear me?
[Raekwon:] Brooks Brothers shit...
[Woman:] You've run out of space on your passport
[Raekwon:] ...London, nigga, Monte Carlo. The Caymans
[Woman:] I'm sorry sir but we won't be able to allow you to fly to Abu Dhabi today
[Raekwon:] Nigga we drink that mothafuckin' Dom Perignon
[Woman:] It's been [?], sir
[Raekwon:] [?], nigga, 1907 shipwreck, high chief, nigga
[Woman:] Excuse me, you don't have any more room in your passport to stamp, sir
[Raekwon:] Spike convertibles
[Woman:] Excuse me, we have other people in line
[Raekwon:] Fly International Luxurious Art

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Fly International Luxurious Art


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