Screamin' Machine - text

Burnin' like a bat outta hell
Blowin' off steam
I never had a soul to sell
I never ever dream

Flyin' down the open road
At a reckless pace
Power reaching overload
You've got no reason to race

Tearin' up the turnpike
I'll leave you sittin still
Take it anyway you like
But I'd get busy on that will

Seldom am I mercyful
This ain't no pleasant cruise
You'll wind up in the hospital
With nothing left to lose

Screamin' machine
Screamin' machine
Screamin' machine

Screaming past the scenery
Can't handle too much more
Mind over machinery
I've got the pedal to the floor

Flaming for the finish line
You're miles and miles away
Maybe this will change your mind
Next time you wanna play

Screamin' machine
Screamin' machine

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