Overwhelmed - text

I'm overwhelmingly finding myself addicted to Your Holy presence
I must have underestimated the healing power of Love
Initially I must admit I was not willing to transcend my senses
But now I'm overcoming obstacles and bathing in You Love

I love You Lord, I need You Lord
I know that now thanks to You
I don't deserve the love You serve me
So Lord I now give thanks to You

I'm overwhelmingly finding myself wanting to be filled with Your spirit
I must have underestimated the healing power of Grace
While unaware I guess my heart must have uttered a prayer and
You could hear it
'Cause while I know I'm undeserving
I'm overflowing with Grace


I'm overwhelmingly convinced that everything I do
should give You glory
I must have underestimate the healing power of Faith
I've reveled in the unimportant: power, fame and fortune same old story
And now I'm dwelling on the place
that You've prepared for those with Faith


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