Your Cut Feather - text

Oh woman, it's such a shame
You are giving life - like earth
That's why we treat you the same
Oh woman you're not to blame
Like earth - you are giving us love
That's why we treat you the same

Oh girl, don't listen to men
When they tell you, you shouldn't
But they tell what you can
Girl, you are the missing part
Of this society which is falling apart

Oh human, when will you be
Like the deeper meaning of reality?
Oh human, don't you see?
You are ignoring one part of humanity

Men, what do we do?
When we tell a direction
Then it's true
Men, what will it be
If we would change
The earth to normality?

What is the difference in here?
It's the direction from which comes the fear
And - why don't they change the way?
Because one part is missing
And earth seems here to stay

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