Welcome To The Culture - text

In life, seven going symphony.
I orchestrate my music willingly.
Like emus? making history
Mentally we’re manipulated by the music industry.
It’s conference, chivalry, creativity, lyrically,
Step up and take a stand,
But if you over-stand linguistically
Then represent.
For it is evident that,
The dead president is taking our culture out of its element.
And my testament is to get it back.
Take propaganda and insert facts,
Starting a positive revolution within the rap, clash.
And that’s vain called,
Jewelry ice and money and women don’t mean a thang.
It’s a shame what we listen to.
“In actuality it’s hurting who?”
Me and you.
Originating a negative that America looks up to.
And we think it’s cool, but in reality it’s whack.
And the media associates hip hop with commercialized rap.
I’m taking it back to the positivity, provocative productivity,
Rebellin' against this industry.
Drop if it’s hot, drop it if it’s pop.
Doesn’t pop and lock? Then it really ain’t hip hop.
So don’t cop it.
But this is the only way that we are going to stop it.
If they don’t make a profit,
Then there won’t be a market.
Do the math.
Listen to the music that comes from the soul.
Most quote/unquote MC’s are in it strictly for the bankroll,
And have no mind control.
Behold, when the trend ends, they get back,
Silly bitchin up on the check, what the FUCK did you expect?

Welcome to the culture,
If you don’t know it’s called hip hop.
If you knew, sorry for the review, but it looks like a lot forgot.
We bomb cities, pop and lock.
Spinning our records as we rock,
To the beats on the streets kicked over a beatbox.
Intellectual evolution.
Consciousness distribution.
Substitution soul speaking sound service is my solution.
Strictly b-boy,
No decoy hot boy stuck in irrelevance.
Hip hop prolonging the art,
Bringing it back to the elements.

Let’s get back to the basics.
Step one, knowledge of self.
If you don’t know yourself,
You won’t be content with evil wealth.
Many seek to find a peaceful state of mind,
Assuming that finances verbalize?, but you walk the line?
Ignorance is bliss.
So if you are stuck on manatary? monetary mersany?,
You will never learn that the best things in life rest eternally.
I don’t put music out of my purpose,
And my service,
To my mental, well folk,
Without it the other steps are worthless.
Shining, shimmering light, despite
Counterclockwise movements,
So I listen to my intuition and let my eternal ways, and release my inking influent congruent fashion,
Pardon the provocative exceeding ear drum boundaries, I’m lasting.
So the fakes get crossed out cuz we don’t need ya,
I’m second cheese wannabe MC’s end up taste testing for Velveeta.
Y'all some bitch-made,
Paper-weight, deteriorate,
On the couch ejaculate.
I got to regulate.
Innovate, operate, and never do SHIT.
All you talkers make me sick.
Thinkin' that smoking weed on your couch is gonna get you a record exect on yo DICK, and,
Get you a deal?
Look in the mirror and honestly tell yourself that you are keepin' it real,
But you lyin'.
Listen to your heart and hopefully you will learn,
That your actions,
Speak louder than your words.


The drum of the heart was the start.
The civilization to embark,
So our art’s origin is the drum.
Our cerebrum,
Is our brain,
Our body is the temple
And you treating that right, yo that’s essential
To yo mental.
And I, wanna preach,
But I figure MC’s have the power,
And if they have the talent they can reach,
Ya audience.
Without displaying cockiness,
Hopefully you gain insight to real but demo bumpin' progress of the occupants.
Cuz this is rhythym.
If it comes from the soul,
Your skills shall unfold,
And the truth shall be told.
Bankrolls and hoes,
Show cultural neglect.
Let’s prolong this art,
And show our culture respect.

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