The Almighty Kingdom - text

We’re psilocybin spoken word carriers,
Message translators,
And debaters soul saviors,
Sending positive vapors through the microphone to your eardrums,
The movement’s through music,
In tune with the almighty kingdom. X2

I was born on this earth,
A child of the sun rays
Lifted by the hands of the sand and
Ever since the first day, I saw a doorway,
And eventually made my entrance,
Embarked on what happened to become my fortress,
The first sentence. In the ever glowing paragraph,
Using words to communicate with the life forces that I call my mom and my dad.
A continuous family tree,
Blossoming with me in the middle of fate, destiny, and reality.
As I proceeded to grow,
I met my love on the radio,
And knew that I had to be down with the Knights of the Round Table.
At the age of 13, began to work out my flow,
Met Mind Control,
And a year later pulled the sword from the stone.


This is the land of the enchanted.
Mesmerizing beauty surrounds this planet that’s taken for granted.
I see it every day.
As poison unfortunately is force fed upon the face of the human race
Leading to the decay,
Of this ground that we walk on.
As an organic emperor I have started on a continuous thought song.
The melody’s moisture rains in my brain,
His mind remains soothed by the way that this music plays.
Feeling the force of the melodic texture,
Harp strung,
Heart sprung,
Toward a medieval adventure.
Those inspired can attend a lecture.
Kings of the continuous casper?, from now until November.


Feeling freedom,
Talk as I walk.
Embark on the meadow of thought with the plot.
On the future that changes,
My reason rearranges,
Leaving lackadaisical phases conquering the mazes,
Of confusion.
Mind over matter,
Climb the ladder,
Find and gather,
The knowledge of life,
A plot,
To music, and use it,
Fluent with my words.
And learn,
The access.
Apply it to grammatics.
Concentrate on your mindstate,
Spit licks and practice.
What you preach to each,
For we have this, gift of life,
Now it’s up to you to find happiness.


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