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On Fire By Machine Gun Kelly - text


I am on fire
I feel like I can't stop burning
I am on fire(Yeah)
I feel like I can't stop burning

Tell me why is everything that’s bad,
Feel so f*cking good
Devil in a red dress she killing me
I knew she would
So bury me one foot for every inch of heel she’s wearing
I’m in lust, still i can’t trust this bitch but i keep on staring
Matter of fact, f*ck that, no emotions let’s get high as fuck
I don’t need a light she fire me up pulling out right like a styrofoam cup
No hair cut, but she lines me up.
What the f*ck?
I don’t even do this shit
What would happen if our friends knew this shit?
And why the hell can i refuse this bitch this shit is crazy.

I am on fire
I feel like I cant stop burning
I am on fire
I feel like I can't stop burning

She got a leg spread wild
but the key that you’re bangin me to come
And ..touching herself like .. that i girl back home
That she ..every minute so i pick up like bitch
Mother f*cker business I’m serious I’m trippin
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No ain’t no really I’m ..
Other .. could have sleep ..
like i mention what she have this sniffin
but she grab her .. tell me to get it and ..
i told to turn around well i tell to music loud
and basics .. and then she did
put a little back of full fill of press
my mind said no my dick say ye
i’ma do whatever you ..the crave


And she told me speed the .. f*ck me ..
Beat this p*ssy up like you sure
Lay back down keep it all
Let me show you how i feel bitch you
All she wanna do is get thick and ..
All i wanna do with this chick is ah
I’ve been in the p**sy for about two hours
I can’t feel my shit i’m .. the same
But it moves to my chest and my brain
Did the nerves of my face so i can’t beat a mother f*cker
..bitch could plan i don’t even know your name
What the f*ck you do to me
She said in the same once Mike one pee
She make stupid bitch

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