Can't stand the Heartache - text

Hello hello is there someone on the phone
Don't wanna be alone
Can you answer to my call
I know I know I've been gone for much too long
I know that I went wrong, baby listen to my song

I get crazy when you're far away
I get crazy when you're horny
I get crazy then you're smile on me
Cause my life is made for you babe

Oh no I will never let you go
Cannot live without you

Can't stand the heartache
My soul's to take
Can't stand the heartache

It's like a bite from a dangerous snake

Come on come on break
The silence call my name
Stop that game I go insine
Let me talk let me explain

You know you know
I'm not perfect anyway
And I know it everyday
'cause baby let me say

When you said goodbye
I realized that nothing cal fill my heart
Yes I'm begging you
I'm on my knees tonight
But don't walk away

Text přidala PaulieC


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