Don't - text

Just don't bother
Don't fed the animals
Don't let them run in circles
Don't [?]
They just don't matter
If you're more than ready, run away
From dusk to dawn

Last night on the couch you're livin'
It's a poor complaint
It's the only thing
You're sad and underweight
Whatever, we're so close to "serious"
Whatever promise you made
I have no problem to say "no"

I'll never know
I'll never know you
Reach out for me
I'll never know

It's just another
It's just another complicated case
To settle down the road
Whatever we're too close to "serious"
Whatever promise you made
From dusk to dawn

Don't swear that it is your fault
You're sophisticated
I saw the chandelier
I'm folding under stress
Whatever we're too close to "serious"
Whatever comments you make
I hear the [?] to say "no"


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