Lady Dynamite - text

Lady Dynamite

Get with it
Get with it

Sloha 1:
I do what I feel
With no sense and gravity
Twist round that´s the deal ,
On the floor of insanity

You don´t know what to feel
You won´t let it in your ears
You´re ablazed and standing still
Grab yourself, twist dance and LIVE !

Tap tap taááp
Tap tap tapáá tatita

Be my lady D, D like a dynamite and please make my day
She´s my laaady , she as a hurricane and she´ll change my way

Sloha 2:
I do what i feel
Let the bodies move in whirl
Let´s do what we feel
Come on people, twist for real

She´s the way and inspirate
Hunting down all desperate

Be my lady D, D like a Dynamite and please make my day
She´s my laaady, she´s like a dynamite and please twist with me.

I´m doing what I feel
Get with it

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