La Petit Mort - text

Dance the dance macabre,
in the back seat of the car,
with the radio on,
'til you get where you're going.

blue movie, red light,
sin is in for our delight,
wrapped up in a bow,
never slow down.

I could be your fantasy,
I'm everything you want to be,
in leather and lace,
between these sheets.

I could be your fantasy,
so close your eyes and dance with me,
burying our bodies,
for this little death.

If you've got it, move it,
if you want to do it,
make love not war,
la Petit Mort.

Everybody in the room tonight (get down)
everybody wanna feel alright (get down)
get down, get down, get down,
la Petit Mort

if you've got it (move it)
if you want it (do it)
make love (not war)
la Petit Mort

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