Fear in Nothing - text

I put my life on the line,
I put my beat on the record you play,
I put my lies on ice.
I put my fear in nothing, nothing at all.

Maybe I'm the system.
Another meat machine.
Maybe I'm a symptom.
Of a new disease.

long may my body rust,
I feel the corpse inside me,
where do I place my trust?
Only in technology.

cables and circuit boards,
my pulse ringing in discord,
am I still an animal?
or am I in control?

distort me, condemn my words,
classify me and call me cursed,
I'm the problem and you're the cure,
put a needle in my arm, tell me it doesn't hurt.

you liar, false messiah,
you fear what you don't understand,
you break me, mistake me,
I am me I am not my body.

Text přidal LeturCZ

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