Killers - text

I'm so tough, hear my motor revving up
Who yeah, keep on and take it away
Well hold tight it's Saturday night
Sorry but I just can't fade, no way

We're gonna shake it loose
Party all night
She got my number but that's alright
Killers, runnin' loose
We'll case the whole town
I know she's been around
She's got me running that's for sure
Yeah so knocked up, bad girls lick it up
They got the jump boys

And there ain't no cure
We're gonna
Make it loose
Shake it in the air
Their mamas coming but we don't care
Killers, running loose
Killers, running loose

I'm gonna cut it loose
Show 'em what we've got
Party all night long
Ain't never gonna stop
Thank you
Killers, runnin' loose
And we're killers, runnin' loose

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