In over my head - text

I park on a side street

Slide up the back stairs
Knock on the door and whisper 'It's me'.
Step into the darkness

She waits in the shadows -
Oh she's so wild
willing and free.

I must be crazy comin' up here again.
She's got me comin' and goin' eatin' out of her hand.
I should be far
far away
But I'm layin' in her bed instead

And I'm in

In over my head

In over my head.
I'm in

In over my head

In over my head.

I've never tasted lips any hotter
And I'm gettin' deeper with every kiss.
I can't help it
I want it
I love how she loves it

I've got to keep comin' for more of this.

I must be crazy...

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