Marvelous Design - text

I say the night's been dark and polite,
but I'm wondering will you ask me in.

A pause, do you gaze at my flaws,
do I wander back home?
Empty the night alone.

Oh what a marvelous design.

We sit in your only chair, your fingers strum
through your hair. Listen to me carry on,
I am my mother's son, and a curious one.

Oh what a marvelous design.

La la la la la la la la la la la la

My you certainly are surprising me, I'm
feeling my head turn 'round, saying I've
been wondering about you, have you been
wondering about me?

Oh what a marvelous design, slip off
our clothes and it's alright.


Bodies twist and hips crash kissing thighs
and inbetween. All at once a hot hot rush
it's a lie but I believe.

Dear I hope that you're not open all
the time.

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