Phone (Skit) - text

[Joell Ortiz (unnamed female)]
What? (Why are you hangin up the phone on me?)
Cause I'm not feelin you no more yo
I knew it was like this, I knew you was playin games
(FUCK! That is not true, hello)
(I don't even hear from you)
WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT ME TO DO? I'm a fuckin rapper
(I don't hear from you)
(And, you gave me a fuckin snotty attitude the other day)
(So what the hell I'm supposed to, think?)
You fuckin run around shakin your little
You fuckin, round around shakin
your little fuckin ass at these, nightclubs
and then you fuckin call me when you feel like it
I can't go through it yo
(And you wasn't with nobody in the nightclub?)
(Cause you was with a whole bunch of chicks)

Text přidal Moonblade

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