Amoeba - text

Simple, Pure Life, Evoked
Gorged With, Illness, Disease
Mutate, Hidden Secrets
Transformed, Life Forms of Death
Treachery Constantly Bleeds from Me
Sinking Deep in My Seams Morbidly
The Minute Attributes Seepind Through
Shifting and Murdering Mindlessly
Invade, Attack, Attract, Assail
Inside, My Life, In Me, Bleeding
Out of Obscurity, Into Me Physically, Mentally
Invoking Inwardly, Involuntarily---
Out of Obscurity, Into Me Physically, Mentally
Invoking Outwardly, Involuntarily, Tearing Me Feandishly
Out of Obscurity, Into Me Physically,
Invoking Outwardly, Involuntarily
Come to Me, And Spred the Disease
And Grow Within Me--- Your Virus
I Have Become the Vector of Pain
Injecting in the--- Amoeba
Mutating Me, Now I'm the Disease
Contagion in Me--- Amoeba
Exit from Me--- Mutant Disease
Spout from Demise--- Topple All Life
Agony Breeds--- In me Freely
I Have Become--- Death's Amoeba

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