Witches Winter Eternal - text

Snow on Easter, cold is this morning gray.
Frozen noontime, no flowers will bloom today.
I hear laughing. Over her land of endless white.
I am hungry. She'll feed a cold dish tonight.

Her white winter eternal-
cursed in stone of the lion's silent roar.
Icy winter eternal-
warmth of springtime caught in nevermore.

Chorus Together, we'll stand forever in stone.
The world is mine, in frozen time.
Whenever you dream of summer, too late.
Open your eyes, to a northern frigid sky.

Iron cauldron, boils of Antarctic brew.
Frozen nighttime, her fire burns only blue.
For she enjoys it. Her tit is the metaphor.
One can wonder, will this be forevermore?

Wind filled winter eternal-
cursed in stone is the sand time warrior.
Witches winter eternal-
dreams of summer lost in nevermore.

Repeat chorus


Repeat chorus

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