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So Official - text

Yeah, Ohh
( Zonnique Pullins aka Star )
Im feeling you in the worse way. You seem like me. Im trying to keep the player, but the game on freeze. Stunting like louis. Stay up in the newi. And baby like youi. See you and I wanna know that. So fly you the winner and you know that. Ohh think I might make you my boo. Im choosing, choosing youuuu.

( Bahja Roriguez aka Beauty )
Im digging your pretty boy swag. All the girls like you, cause you bad. Ohh so fly crazy with it. Don't stop get it, get (Yeah). Shawty were you at trying to holla cause your like that (like that). Cause your the one boy (Yeah). Your the one boy (Yeah) Ohhh Huhhh, A Woahhh. ( Chrous )Shawty so, so official with it. Swagged up you wassup. Dont know what you do to me. Got me going crazy, my girls be like just forget it. Im not with it ( i aint with it ). Ohh they don't know what you do to me got me feeling pains (got me feeling pains oh). You be like so official uh huh. Your official ohh woah yeah yeahhh. Shwaty you be like so official uh huh. Your official yeah, ye-yeah so, so official yeah.

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