Waterbed - text

Tommy Hilfiger my waist
Margielas you can even lace
She wanna sit on my face
I tell that bitch, I need some space
I got your bit on waterbed
That bit she gave me a lotta head
Fuck up a check gotta lotta bands
Can't nobody fuck with my come up man
Bit that, I'm with she biracial
Shawty my curly hair angel
I just might take a vacation
Pour up a deuce in a faygo
I just might smoke with some bitches
Turn on a movie and kick it
Bitch I might splash like a dolphin
I send these rappers to a coffin
I'm head to toe in lacoste
Don't let the fakes double cross you
I'm lookin' like Frank Sinatra
Me going broke that's imposible
Lil aahji grip the yopper
I flip the script just like a docter
It's Gucci, Louis, Fendi, Prada
Smokin' dope and shoe shoppin'
Boy, you dont want the drama
Stackin stackin' stackin' Gwala
Daggum I look like a rockstar
I'm flexin my Tommy Hil boxers
I pipe that bit on a waterbed

Text přidala AmyPond

Video přidala AmyPond

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