Money bags - text

Runnin up a check
Shawty thumbin through a band
Imported bape garms
Straight from Japan
Christ flexed up
Honey berry Coogi sweater
Sauced up shawty
Can't nobody do it better
Aquafina wrist
Crank the air conditioner
Dragon fruit scented shampoo
And conditioner
Pour a lil goose
Shawty let the swisher burn
Shawty tryna fuck wit me
But sorry I not feelin her
Head toe in bape
Man lil Shawty wanna kick it
She lookin my way
But ion show no interest
Shawty need a drank
She thirsty cause I'm drippin
Shawty need hydrate
Yeah she Aquafina sippin
We gonna fumigate
Stuff the sticky in a swisher
I'm do my thing
I'm just mindin my own business
I accelerate
Got them Horses on my engine
Orange candy pant
N my leather smell like citrus
Yeah I had a vision
7 figure digits
I'm have to curve the bitch
If she not fuckin wit us
Balenciagas cost a rack
Cant nobody stop us
Got the team up on my back
Throw a hundred thou
Man like fuck it I'm paid
Cloudboys shine bright
But still throw a lot of shade

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Bape music

Oliver Francistexty

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