Breezy - text

In my palace tri Ferg
Flow cold as an iceberg
Chillin smokin on this lemonade
On the beach posted in the shade
I take a pull off the swisher sweet
I let the tide wash over my feet
The sun sets up over the beach
As I burn the marijuana leaf
I got these bitches goin' crazy
They goin crazy
And alll you rappers is fugazi
Your lyrics lazy
I'm lookin wavy, I'm wavy
My shit is molten, could call it Moltres
I'm ballin, finesse yo bitch
N put her in some dolce
You see me, I'm lookin breezy
I'm smokin sea weed, you need me
I'm Rollin 3 deep up in the 2 seat
I'm gloed up in the Rover
I'm sippin syrup in my soda
I'm smokin Doja, I'm smokin Doja
Pretty boy swag
Yeah I'm back up in this bitch
Wit a whole gang of pretty ladies
Packed up in this bitch
We been sippin act up in this bitch
Smokin Backwoods
Back to back to back
Up in this bitch
Get it crackin in this bitch
Never lackin in the bitch
Smokin backwoods
Back to back to back
Up in this bitch
Ain no fitteds man
It's only polo caps up in this bitch
Smokin backwoods
Back to Back to Back up in this bitch

Text přidala AmyPond

Video přidala AmyPond

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