Bloodsucker (feat. Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer) - text

When this world dies
The land is total mess, drowing in chaos - in chaos!
A million cries
Will be unheard - victims of terror - of terror!

Deadly wings of horror - break the will of resistence
Hostages are whining - The cruel invaders will be contented

Bloodsuckers - armies of the braindead - Bloodsuckers - the evil takes the crown - Bloodsuckers - armies of the braindead!!!

This war can't be won
the leaders will sacrifice the last drop of blood - drop of blood
law of the gun
hunters of dead traders of weapons - of weapons

Unholy greed for power will lead to our downfall - downfall
This world will fall

Unholy greed for power - the world will fall - then it will be to late:

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