Who Do You Think You Are - text

Radio radio play me a song
I wanna dance and sing along
Gonna close my eyes and I´m on the mic
Rappin´to the groove
Standin´in the spotlight
Clap your hands
Get up on your feet
I got few friends I want you to meet
This is the band and this is the record

You treat me like a doll
You treat me like a dog
You treat me like a thing
But hey man I´m a human being

You don´t see me
You don´t hear me
You say that you love me
But honey I can´t believe it somehow

Who do you think you are

Time keep going on
Nothing has changed yet
Nothing´s better, nothing changed
And I wonder just where we end up
´Cos nothing´s better, nothing changed
I just wonder where we end

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