Sundown - text

The past fortnight has been pointless struggling
To take this life of suffering a step closer to it's end

The last sundown, when the pain lies on the ground
It's the life I never found in the madness of day

Pain capture my heart
Because the dreams they talked about
Are the things I never found
In this tragedy called life

A forgotten sunrise
When the pain still lies inside
When the future tears my mind
All memories are lost

The conclusion, this road leads nowhere
And no one will ever care if I'll be here or gone


This world is made of suffering
Five times more, still I never win
This is my life
And I'm not good at it

In turns they play this violin
This is madness that will never end
This is my life
And I'm not good at it

And the carvings on this naked skin
Are marks of tragedies within
This is my life
And I'm not good at it

When the hope and dreams will never end
It's the hardest thing to comprehend
That this is my life
And I'm not good at it

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