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On my grave - text

There will be no flag on my grave
They'll say I missbehaved
They'll dig me down for good
oh yeah

There will be no flag on my grave
cause I was not that brave
They'll say I could'nt kill my enemy

But the pain I handled inside I laid it on you
You killed it to
And the guilt for all that I've done I laid it on you

I'll be the one, Im comming home , just be there waiting for me
The time is now My only god my everything

There will be a day when they will see yeah you will grant them clarity
You made me live you made me die you made me rise

there will be no flag on my grave
Cause I was not a slave
My faith is all I ever had to use

There will be no one at my grave
Only jesus inside of me Holding me
Whisper that I'm finally free

I'll be the one to die now

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