Alone in the suburbs - text

I'm alone in the suburbs, you don't even know, you don't even know (2x)

You don't really know, I'm alone in the suburbs (2x)
My friends are chilling on the internet
Smokin purp poppin percs cuz it hurts now, I know it hurts now, yea

Oooh, suburban thots on their north face and uggs screaming "let's take some shots"
Nooo, you don't like what I like, on that Fiji water all night, cuz I ain't about that,
ain't about that life

I hope this never ends (2x)
I hope it's not a trend
I hope this never ends

Damn, your boy got a way with the folks
Muthafucka ain't no joke, ain't no joke
Chillin in my OE cloak, looking like an anti pope
Listen hoe, take your shoes off at the door cuz NOK live so clean
Can't you see? Persian rugs on the floor
Nevermind bish just leave

You don't really know, I'm alone in the suburbs (2x)

No more t-shirts, no no, you don't really know (2x)

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