Fading Away In The Fog - text

Dead under a night sky I am
And I gaze to these shooting stars
My eyes contemplate them
As my strength fades away
All around me I feel nature moving
Wolves tearing the curtain of night
As the cold rise on my corpse

My soul is walking towards his deliverance
Lacerate my body to set him free

I get up from the natural ground
The darkness splendor
I look behind me, I find my body the wrists open
A path covered of snow opens in front of me
I see far away a light I will never reach

The fog is rising from the soil
Some spectral people appear
They lead me far away from this place of suffering
I know each one of them
They are my sad memories from my past

Take me away from all of them
Their presence is insupportable
Take me away from my sadness
I killed myself to flee you all
Why don't you leave me alone?
Let me alone!
Let my spirit fade away in the fog

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