Breaking The 4th Wall - text

Admission for one...

Admission for one,
Because I need to see,
How something could end and begin with a bullet,
An impact so great that years later we feel it,
To think my American cousin,
Could provoke the voice of reason,
And breaking a wall could be the only way to go.

Honesty's gone, and left us broken,
Its the choice to make its the point to break,
No one forgotten in Springfield,
Given the chance another show?
Because Ford Theatre is for killers,
And actors tend to lose control.

Everything that you loved is gone.
(Leave me broke, leave me empty, gone)

Bigger than any memorial,
65 stories just to let you go...just to let you go.

Can you begin to believe that they gave you a value?
And I know that you're so much more than a face lost of paper.

Everything that you loved is gone.

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