Cap Le Moine - text

A storm breaks in my mind of broken faceless
There's nothing left but silence
And flames burn in my castle
Words I've lost there
Unspoken fears
Letters carved in stone and names have brought us home
They won't fall to pieces
And four years down the road
Four years on my own until I find about my will
My will
My will
My Will
Weathered beaten cabins, split round fences
The Penbroke's waters run
The Inverness we travel, Mary Ann fall
They save this fallen one
Lead us down the road
Lead us down the road
Colours running off a canvas
The scarecrows cry and I'll follow it
My will
My will
No no my will
My will
Cap le moine I've taken
Cap le moine I've taken
Cap le moine I've taken
Cap le moine I've taken
I've taken
This river's falling

We walk on a short path
We walk on

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