Black Spartacus Heart Attack Machine - text

History's not made
By presidents or popes
Or kings or queens or generals
Or CIA kingpins runnin' dope
History's not made
By nine robed men
Or billionaires
It's not made by them


Black Spartacus Heart Attack Machine x3

Might threw a little money 'round
Wonderin' who can be bought
Some might find they're weaker
Some stronger than they thought
Well I'll stand or fall right here
In my country, in my home
I ain't alone no more


Hollow box
Steel string
Union made
Let freedom ring
Me and my people are hungry
Me and my people are through
Me and my people are ready
Me and my people are just about due
I'm a massive air strike on a beautiful night
Yeah this is my song I'm singin
Somebody better start countin
We're comin out and we're comin
Out swinging

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