Back to Blood, Pt. 1 - text

I wanted sadness
When you sold your bones for love
But you’ll crawl right back
Crawl right back I’m sure
Like thieves trapped in hiding
In time you will know
How to crawl right back
Crawl right back for blood
Go on save yourself...

Tell me, how does it feel to be alone
Tell me, how does it feel
Tell me, go on and save yourself

Blind by emotions and bent on fiery eyes
Gonna mess your head up right now
Till the day it finally falls
Don’t tell me you wanted
Exactly what you’ve got
Gonna rip my heart in pieces
And then you take a little more
I feel no love...when you save yourself

Any day, any day now brother
I will come crawling
I’m a fool for thinking sister
You would be sorry

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