If It's Cool - text


Feels good, it's been a long week / Payday, so good to
see / Head to the mall, my headphones on, killing
daylight to Raheem Devaughn / That's when I happen to
see, a soul sista stepping to me/ Kinda ghetto but I
don't mind, she got style so it's all right / Break
that ice, she know me / A Hip-hop girl, who listen to
Jay Z / And she digs that neo soul from Philly / Not
ashamed to accentuate/ Baby girl, feeling that chain
running around your waist / And if I may be so forward,
could I give you a call?


If it's cool with you / You know it's cool with me,
girl you're so fine / Girl your so fresh, your steez,
so nice to me, ya know, ya know / If it's cool with you
/ You know it's cool with me, girl you're so fine /
Girl your so fresh, your steez, so nice to me, ya know,
ya know


It's just a simple game of hide and seek I hit the
scene you got me dipping in and of crowds / Familiar
with your perfume girl, I love the way you smell / The
way you roll your so, addicted to those sounds / I roll
over to know you, you do that mo, see your wind and
electrify, your smile could kill a man / Her secret
weapons in her eyes, she be everywhere I be / Somehow
it comes to no surprise, I know she close to me I'm
getting them butterflys / Time after time she tries to
hurt me / Wasting my money like my time, then desert me
/ But it's clear for me to see, you're a women and it's
worth it / If we make it happen, Life living picture
perfect / I take a look oh, no where did she go / She
likes playing them games, It's all part of the show /
So now watch her brake it out, girl do it without a
doubt / If you do for me baby, I'm a hold down.

Repeat Chorus


I seen you round my way on a regular basis / We've made
eye contact on several occasions / Brushed each others
shoulders a time or two / You passed me by like the
summertime, Im diggin' on you / Ya brown skin, brown
eyes & them thick as thighs / The way you got your hair
girl, Im diggin' your style / Thought maybe we could
make time and learn each other / Go from strangers to
partners or just part-time lovers/ I dunno your
situation, I dunno if you can / I seen you wit your
ladies, aint never seen no man/ So I'm a play my hand
on assumptions I got / Hopefully you and I can do you
know what / No need to rush it, we can take our time /
All I wanna know girl what is on your mind / I wanna
see you beside me, nah mean? / If its cool wit you then
its cool wit me, come on

Repeat Chorus


She wanna shop with JB, that's my baby plus she keep me
crush on that Gucci rush / She wanna act up whenever he
aint around / When I'm in town like Brandy she just
wanna be down/ Heartbreaker wit beautiful Brown skin
true and she loves it when I call her boo / The type of
girl who not afraid to share things and I don't wanna
stop till she's wearing my ring, yeah you make me wanna

Holla if you want to, I want you, girl I want you

And I'm her man but she got to go / I'll be right here
at the end and she got to know / Yeah you know she
loves J its true / Cause nobody can do what JB do

Repeat Chorus

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