Screaming Fear - text

Desolation Drawn From Time,
A Void Inside A Needs To Breathe
Shocking Sight Of Disillusion,
Giving It The Pain It Needs

Suppressing Hate Inside
Your Mind Is On The Run
The Only Hand In Need
Is Hanging From The Gun

Ridiculed And Mocked
For Flaws That Isolate The Mind In Time
Silent Watcher, Neat Observer Yearns To Step Into The Light
Dark Illusions Of Yesterday
Growing Thicker With Life´s Disdain

Step Outside The Burning Hell
The Future Is Your Friend
Barren Rape Of Souls Integrity

No Regard For Human Life
Fate´s Already Sealed
Evil Grin Of Man´s Conformity

Can´t You Hear Screaming Fear
Can´t You See End Is Near

Passionate The Sings Of Reason,
Starry Eyes Before The Storm
Cold Embrace Of Moment´s Treason
Now Descends Upon The Young
Vioce The Echoes From MIles Away
Songs Of The Trigger Caress My Hate

No Regard For Human Life
Seven Souls Now Killed
Evil Grin Of One Man´s Agony


Suppressing Hate Inside
Your Mind Is On The Run
The Only Hand In NEed
Is Coming From The Gun

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