Rat Witch - text

I taste the embers from her flesh
She leads me toward the tree of woe
We lie upon a fertile bed of aborted thorns
Green eyes reflecting the Hell I know, Hell I know

She appears in front of me
Upon all fours smothered scent
Burning sin
Addiction I do adore

Rat witch, dressed in black
Rat witch, her spell is cast
Rat witch, fire and flesh
Rat witch, my soul is possessed

The bones of children
Adorn her (naked) breast
Fire flies illuminate
(Her) tangled goddess mane
Distorted features (masking) angelic pain
She speaks in tongues of silent thunder
She bleeds beauty just to taste the blood

I am perfection in human form
I am lust, leaving you torn
I am penance draped in sin
I am torment that never ends

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