Method to Madness - text

This is a story about my head
When the whip came down
I ended up in a lunatic bead
Frankenstiens monster Id hidden deep inside
When the monster takes over
Im just along for the ride
Dont read the daily grind
Its in my bones
Idiots surround and the telephones
No one apreciates a man thats sane
Cracks are all visible
Ill have to paint

Method to madness
I dont wanna lose my mind
Dark thoughts are gathering
Feel the crush of marching feet
Battle rages upon every front
The monster never sleeps

There are many methods to madness
Many of which are really quite sane
To give it all up would sure be tragic
But it would certainly ease up on the pain
Innocent reminders of a painful past
Stains that wont remove, newness never lasts
There are no skeletons in my closet, just old and angry
Cobwebs dont be scared of the monsters
Ill hide them under my bed

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