I Celebrate Your Skin - text

Her secrecy is charming to me.
The se**** wisdom of a thousand years.
With silver eyes she tore through me.
It is you
I bring to ruin.
Please, a silent hour, it’s you that turned old,
My love was never a blessing,
My gifts are cold.
So I celebrate your blood. It is the music of the sea.
I was simply running for the flesh.
Your wound falls away from me.
Your summer breathes aloud, it is a kiss that awakens me.
My secrecy is charming to her.
The two of us, we understood.
With fragile limbs you claimed the distance,
While holding hands with a dying God.
It was my pride you gifted to me,
While holding hands with a dying God.
So I celebrate your skin, it is the curves of the earth.
Roaring skies endlessly left, on the great day of your birth.
As you lay before my storm, a bird sits at your noble feet.
I am a word apart,
I am the coldest heart, I am a serpent of the sea.
You are a golden sun, you are the silver moon, you are a fever killing me.
I am a thoughtless dream, I am never seen, I am what you all will be.
You are the glowing pain, you are the one to blame, you are my tragedy.

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