Thrashing's My Business... And Business Is Go.. - text

We thrash the streets at night
We thrash the streets at day
We slice the fucking throats of those that stand in our way

Jump in the pit
Swing your hands like a jerk
If your friends just standing around then put their ass to work
Jump in the pit
Punch your friends in the face
Kick them 4 or 5 times for Municipal Waste!

Jerk Work Face Waste Go!

Sick of this, sick of all these bands fucking whining
What they need to do is learn to have a good time
And what we need to do is go and thrash the fucking streets
Thrash the fucking kids,
thrash the cops, thrash the fucking state

So many people's lives are led with nothing to believe
I wish they'd all just disappear,
I wish they'd all just freaking leave

Do you have your own thing you probably should?
Because thrashing's my business and business is good!

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