Chavas - text

Girls - all I really want is girls
And in the morning it's girls
Cause in the evening it's girls

Me laten como las mueven
We chenas no se las lleven
Satélite a la mia ¡por favor!
Un descuido y... papas me quedan 3

There was this girl around the way
She liked by home-piece M.C.A.
Y seguimos a give her play
I asked him, "Please?" - he said, "You may."
Her pants were tight and that's ok
If she would dance - I would D.J.
We took a walk down to the bay

I hope she'll say, (no, no, no...)
"Hey me and you should hit the hay!"
Me pega duro Czech this
I should have probably guessed her gay
Ni modo ya me la tiré
Y vas a casa a ver la bitch
I seen her just the other day

Girls - tiende la ropa
Girls - lava la tina
Girls - trapea mi cuarto
Girls - quiere comida

Girls - that's all I really want is girls
With new wave hairdos
Cuatro a la vez - I want girls
Girls, girls, girls, girls, girls!

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